By Mindy Mejia

Leave No Trace


“Mejia’s thrilling tale works both as an engaging mystery and a haunting meditation on grief, abandonment, and the lost places within ourselves. Brutal, devastating, and utterly riveting.”
-Kirkus Reviews


Everything You Want Me To Be

A small town community is torn apart by the brutal murder of a talented teenage actress.

Leave No Trace

Ten years ago a father and son trekked into the wilderness and never returned. Until now.

The Dragon Keeper

A zookeeper fights to save the animal she loves, even as her own life crumbles around her.

Critically Acclaimed Thriller Writer

Mindy Mejia

Mindy received a BA from the University of Minnesota and an MFA from Hamline University.
Apart from brief stops in Iowa City and Galway, she’s lived in the Twin Cities her entire
life and held a succession of jobs from an apple orchard laborer to a global credit manager.

Her next book, LEAVE NO TRACE, is on sale now.

Mindy is available for readings, workshops, and book group discussions.

Upcoming Events

Bookstube at the Bierstube | January 17, 2019

MWA Midwest – Death and Taxes | February 9, 2019

Savannah Book Festival | February 14-17, 2019

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Last weekend I went to my first Murder and Mayhem conference. If you were sober in Chicago on St. Patrick’s Day, this was absolutely the place to be. As a regular attendee of other writing conferences like Bouchercon and AWP, I’m always frustrated that I can’t be in five panels at once. There’s so much happening simultaneously that it’s impossible to absorb more than a fraction of the content, which is why I appreciated the single-track schedule of MMC. Six panels and a keynote conversation ran throughout the day with breaks for signings and lunch.

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Duluth Library Fundraiser

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A future star in crime writing.

– Daily Mail


Ms. Mejia displays the enviable ability and assurance of such contemporaries as Megan Abbott and Laura Lippman.

– Wall Street journal


Mindy Mejia is simply a beautiful writer.

– Twin Cities Pioneer Press

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