“Mindy Mejia has given voice to the soul and mindset of the modern zookeeper. All the passion, turmoil, heartache and conflict they experience, much of it kept internalized, are on every page of this book. This great work reads like a stolen peek into a zookeeper’s most personal diary”

Steve Reichling PhD, Curator of Reptiles, Memphis Zoo


“An entertaining story that will leave you with a broadened mind and a sense of hope.”

Booklover Book Reviews – Full review here


“Mejia beautifully tackles the subjects of animal captivity, endangered animals, human-animal connections, and even evolution.”

global animal – Full review here


“A highly ambitious and complicated debut novel, Mindy Mejia pulls off The Dragon Keeper with grace and sophistication.”

Switchback – Full review here


“A stunning first novel by Mindy Mejia, this is well worth the read.”

The Vegan Version – Full review here


“I don’t cry very often, but I was in tears…an affecting story.”

Mary Ann Grossmann, Pioneer Press and TwinCities.com books editor – Listen to the audio review here.


“Mejia has managed to write a love story in its purest form. That which reminds us of the lengths we would go to in order to keep our love out of harm’s way, even if we have to sacrifice ourselves to do it.”

This Dish is Veg – Check out the full review here.


“The Dragon Keeper is an excellent novel with real, imperfect characters, and I have added it to our 5 Star Reads.”

5 Minutes for Books – Read the full review here.


“Yancy’s tale makes for compelling reading, and her quest to save the dragons she cares for is evocative and moving. While painting a portrait of an imperfect but idealistic and dedicated woman, The Dragon Keeper also raises some difficult questions about the preservation of endangered species and our responsibilities for non-human animals.”

Our Hen House – Read the full review here.


“Mindy Mejia’s The Dragon Keeper is everything a smart, discerning reader could want: a well-drawn love story, an ecological fable, and a suspenseful thriller. Jata, the Komodo dragon, is a beautifully constructed and intriguing character in her own right–a model captive capable of becoming a deadly predator. The reader’s loyalties to Jata and her keeper, Meg Yancy, will be tested again and again in this fine and riveting novel.”

Mary Francois Rockcastle, author of In Caddis Wood and Rainy Lake


“The Komodo dragon world that Mindy Mejia creates is an unforgettable world, and the feisty character of Meg Yancy, the dragon’s keeper, is an unforgettable character. I came away from this book with a deepened respect for the welfare of endangered species and with an eagerness to see more writing from this dazzling young talent. I don’t know how many terrific first novels are coming out this year, but this is certainly one of them!”

Jim Heynen, author of The One-Room Schoolhouse: Stories about the Boys and The Fall of Alice K.


“The Dragon Keeper is an impressive debut novel, an ambitious tale of dangerous attachment that exposes the hidden world of the American zoo, a place of greed and hubris where the desire to protect and entertain collide with disastrous results. Mindy Mejia is a talent to watch.”

Sheila O’Connor, author of Sparrow Road and Keeping Safe the Stars


“In The Dragon Keeper, Mindy Mejia has created a story that is both very exotic and also speaks to an important ecological issue—how do we live with all the other beings that surround us on this lovely earth? Meg Yancy is a zoo keeper and in charge of a female Komodo Dragon. The dragon is about to give birth to babies—which is a miracle—since it is a virgin birth. In the media onslaught that ensues, Meg tries to find a way to protect the dragons and to live with herself in a world that seems intent on crushing the innocent. This is a thriller of the rarest form—one that touches both the mind and the heart. A wonderful read.”

Mary Logue, author of the Claire Watkins mysteries