Another threat for Komodos

The new leather supplier


When I first saw this headline, I was sure it was from The Onion, but “Leather Market Takes a Freaky Turn” comes to us from the Business section of the Bangkok Post. The chairman of a Thai leather manufacturer has expressed an interest in using Komodo dragons for leather, due to a vaguely referenced “scarcity of cows.”

Okay, let’s crunch the numbers on this, Mr. Thai chairman. There are approximately 1.3 billion cows in the world, so many cows that scientists conduct studies on the methane emitted from their collective poots. How many Komodos are there? Four to five thousand. It’s difficult to see your logic here, Mr. Chairman. For the purposes of our discussion, let’s ignore the cruelty of the leather industry and just focus on the fun questions, such as–where do you intend to sell your endangered species leather?

“I think the [manufacturer] only wants to create an image of itself by creating new projects for a niche market which includes Japanese and hippie clients. If they are going to play this way, they should try it out with sharks,” he said.

Yes, try to sell your Komodo dragon and shark leather to all the hippie clients. I think the results will certainly create an image for you.