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After taking a few months off from my current project, I’m finally able to get back to this novel.  It’s exciting and a bit intimidating at the same time.  Exciting because writing is what makes me happy, especially when an entirely new world is opening up in front of me.  Intimidating because two months is a long hiatus from a new world, especially during a first draft.  As a writer, you don’t want to lose that thread of inspiration and rush of discovery that the first draft brings.  It creates an energy on the page, intangible and almost impossible to duplicate in later drafts or revisions.  I’ve got a plan though, as I almost always do (for better or worse), and I hope it will transport me back into the novel without too many scars.  The plan?  Huge, catastrophic changes.

Just before I went on sabbatical, I had a revelation.  I was researching something that I thought to be a minor detail–just filling in a small blank, if you will–and the answer to that blank turned the whole book on its head.  All of sudden I had a completely compressed timeline, a brand new murder motive, and an alluring, headline-making prime suspect.  (Don’t you just live for those moments?  I imagine it’s how other people feel when they fall in love.)  So my plan is that I’m starting over.  Draft #1 begins today.  It doesn’t matter that I was 38,000 words into the book already.  That doesn’t count anymore.  Maybe I can salvage some of it, but at this point I consider it background research and the real draft begins now.  Thank God, too.  Thank God for revelations and second beginnings.  They turn missteps into a dance.