Banned Books Vol.2

Today’s selection comes to us courtesy of twenty-one school libraries in Buda, Texas that banned this book after a parent’s complaint. The basis of the complaint seems to be that the text includes definitions of words such as rape, incest, sexual assault, and intercourse. Perhaps these libraries should look into banning the dictionary too, then.

At the rate my son is growing, we’ll be reading the full text soon at the Mejia house.

“A boy also gets taller. Of course, we grow taller all through childhood. But during puberty, a boy grows taller at a faster rate than he ever will again. During this growth spurt, he may gain four or more inches in one year. The shape of his body changes, too. His shoulders become broader, and his hips then look narrower in comparison. His muscles develop and his body strength increases. His whole body begins to look more ‘manly.'”

The “What’s Happening to My Body?” Book for Boys, by Lynda Madaras