Billy Bob: anti-Tater Tot.

The Billy Bob Tapes


Just as Keith Richards’ Life hit the clearance rack, the next celebrity memoir has come to town. This one is courtesy of Billy Bob Thornton and according to the Chicago Sun-Times, Thornton has some strong opinions about–what else?–Komodo dragons. Naturally.

“I don’t even want them in the world, that’s the fact of the matter,” writes Thornton. “I’m all for saving animals, but Komodo dragons are dinosaurs and they have no business here.”

Well, Billy Bob, we could talk about various sharks and the giant salamanders that have been around for millions of years longer than the Komodo dragon. Here’s a pretty hilarious list of seven of them, in fact, but I don’t think logic is going to solve this one for us. Not with a man who cannot say the words “Tater Tot.”

Still, with teasers like this, it’s almost impossible not to pick it up and thumb through a few pages, just to see what he’ll say next…