The Names of Things

I was intrigued by the synopsis of The Names of Things and eager to read it as soon as it was released. If you’re looking for the antidote to the shallow, summer paperback brigade, this book will not disappoint. This is the story of a widowed anthropologist who travels back to the Dasse people of . . . 


They were all alone. Their voices had died like echoes of the words of God spoken and vibrating in the starred deep. There went the captain to the Moon; there Stone with the meteor swarm; there Stimson; there Applegate toward Pluto; there Smith and Turner and all the rest, the shards of the kaleidoscope that . . . 

Guest Post

L.K. Mitchell, author of Keeper of Directions, recently asked me to do a guest post on her blog, Pocketful of Charms, and tell her YA readers a little about Komodo dragons. Here is the post if you’d like to check it out.

Life and death in today’s zoos.

The New York Times ran a sobering article on Monday about the terrible choices that face today’s AZA accredited zoos. As more and more species become endangered or vulnerable in their natural habitats, zoos must decide which animals to try to save and which to abandon. It is literally life or death, or–more accurately–life and . . .