Lit Addiction

I’m a bear today. It’s not even 8:00 a.m. and I can already feel the snarling begin. The culprit? Jodi Picoult’s House Rules. A friend recommended it, which—incidentally—is the #1 way readers are introduced to new authors according to Goodreads, and this friend was right on the money. I stayed up way too late devouring . . . 

Today’s Poem

I never think I like poetry until I read it. It’s kind of like the Ani Difranco line: they say goldfish have no memory; i guess their lives are much like mine; and the little plastic castle is a surprise every time. So here’s a poem from Rabindranath Tagore to start the work week: I slept and dreamt That life . . . 

Controversy in Komodo National Park

There’s been rumors of dragon smuggling out of Komodo National Park for years; juvenile Komodos can fetch as much as $4,500 each in the exotic animal trade. This is in a country where the average citizen makes $8,000 a year. And though I’ve always known about the excellent diving in the park, mainly due to . . . 

Suggested Retail Price

Two things rocked the publishing world in the last week–the Pulitzer fiction snub and the justice department’s lawsuit against Apple and five major New York houses. I haven’t read any of the finalist novels, so I can’t comment on the Pulitzer board’s decision not to award any of them with the prize, but even though . . . 

Let’s take a field trip to

The front page of the Star Tribune’s business + money section ran a story today about an upswing in the home remodeling market. The article featured a couple who refrained from replacing their Pottery Barn pool cabana that had been damaged in a storm a few years ago, but now–after living cabana-less all these desolate . . .