First there was fiction. Then there was fact.

I was watching bits and pieces of 2001: A Space Odyssey the other day, which is the only way I’ve ever seen that movie, and was surprised to see iPads featured in the film. iPads in 1968! Would today’s teens even blink watching that? Or would they just laugh at how many buttons were on . . . 

Komodos hunt? Say it isn’t so. It’s reminiscent of MST3K in that I don’t even know where to begin. The jerky, “actual panic” of the camera crew? The gratuitous soundtrack to enhance the experience of being “hunted?” The centerpiece of the clip is undoubtedly the presenter’s amazement that a Komodo dragon could act like a predator. I wonder if he . . . 

Calling Minnesota writers…

Every so often something happens to make me remember how lucky I am to be an artist living in Minnesota. The latest reminder? The Minnesota Emerging Writer’s Grant, now open for 2012 applications. Maybe every state offers almost $40K a year for writers to find the time and resources to accomplish their goals, but after . . . 

If I could only get my hands on my middle school English teacher…

…I’d sit her down for a nice long chat about how she set me up for twenty years of bad grammatical habits. Today’s gripe? The double space after a sentence. I clearly remember the number of times she drilled this practice into us, writing example sentences on the chalkboard (chalkboard! yes, I’m that old) with . . .