Happy Chinese New Year!

I can’t help finding it auspicious that The Dragon Keeper will be released in the year of the dragon.  Maybe a better focus on the lunar years would have kept me from getting discouraged during the whole rejection process.  It wasn’t me; it wasn’t the book; it was just the wrong year! 🙂 I haven’t . . . 

Back to the Page

After taking a few months off from my current project, I’m finally able to get back to this novel.  It’s exciting and a bit intimidating at the same time.  Exciting because writing is what makes me happy, especially when an entirely new world is opening up in front of me.  Intimidating because two months is . . . 

The Lost Komodo Kings

As I was trolling the web tonight, I found this story.  This is one of those fabulous articles that I wish I’d written, think maybe I have written somewhere in a forgotten notebook, then try to find out everything I can about the author because I obviously have a deep, personal connection with them. Brian . . . 

The Terry Thompson Tragedy

What can be said about this story that isn’t painfully, heartbreakingly obvious?  The real tragedy wasn’t the needless death of these animals, it was the life they had to endure.  I guess I’m just unable to understand the attraction or the requisite arrogance to own a menagerie.  I can’t even own more than one cat . . . 

Meg is alive and well

As a novelist, I’m always operating in a partially-veiled fantasy world, sometimes even world hopping as my day progresses.  It’s a nice way to spend the mundane hours.  Every once in a while though, I like to receive  some kind of justification that my fiction has an actual counterpoint in this reality, something that makes . . .