I’ve been thinking about the nineties lately, maybe because of a number one essential album, or because my newest heroine is struggling through her late teenage years and I’ve realized half my life has passed since I was in her place, but somehow those limitless nights and Ragstock-clothed, paper organizer structured days don’t feel too . . . 

Review: Dinosaurs Before Dark

Dinosaurs Before Dark by Mary Pope Osborne My rating: 5 of 5 stars I was wondering when to begin chapter books with my six-year-old, which is really to say I was wondering how to start him on the path toward our shared trip to Hogwarts that I’ve fantasized about since he was chewing on Sandra . . . 

A Brand New Dragon

Writing a book and shepherding it into the world is a lot like raising a child, and it’s just as thrilling to see that book take on its own identity, remove itself from your watchful (helicopterish?) gaze, and even reinvent itself into something you never imagined during those exhausting days of its first draft infancy. So . . . 

Book Covers!

Yes, it’s that time. We’ve reached the exciting milestone with EVERYTHING YOU WANT ME TO BE of finalizing the cover art, but before I unveil the cover I’d like to take a moment—or a blog entry or two—to look at the concept of covers. What do they do? What do they add or take away . . . 

Cat Editors

Not every writer can be famous, but their cats can! My newest cat, Dusty, has joined the ranks of Midge Raymond’s cat editors in her latest blog series. Check out this gorgeous man cat who has become all things in our house: foot warmer, lap warmer, chest (and sometimes head) warmer, abandoned milk drinker, Emma . . .