Buffy vs. The Dragon


This is how E! is billing their “news” about Sarah Michelle Gellar’s encounter with a Komodo dragon at a Los Angeles farmer’s market last weekend. Don’t get me wrong. I’m in the running for the biggest Buffyverse nerd on the planet, but is this experience worth our leisure reading time? At least E! refrained from regurgitating the full story from The Daily Mail, a bizarrely detailed recap of Gellar’s outing complete with produce choices.

Secondly, is anyone else a little more concerned for the animal than the celebrity? The Daily Mail article refers to the dragon’s handler as its owner, and although California enforces a ban on exotic pet ownership, I could not find Komodo dragons included in the state’s list of banned pets. So it seems possible that this claim is true.

I will defend dragon intelligence and even their (rare) aptitude for friendly interaction with humans, but these animals ARE NOT PETS. They are not tame. Even though it looks like this dragon feels mighty close to its owner, it’s equally possible if not more probable that he’s either demonstrating an escape reaction to the massive amount of humans surrounding him, or he’s holding on to a future rainy-day feast.