Calling Minnesota writers…

Every so often something happens to make me remember how lucky I am to be an artist living in Minnesota. The latest reminder? The Minnesota Emerging Writer’s Grant, now open for 2012 applications. Maybe every state offers almost $40K a year for writers to find the time and resources to accomplish their goals, but after years of perusing the Grants and Awards section of P&W, I tend to doubt it.

I also love how every time a certain breed of state congressman tries to poach money from the Legacy Amendment, hoards of letter-writing Minnesotans–not just artists, but all the culture, nature, and history enthusiasts in the state–put them soundly in their place. That’s part of the reason why, whenever I travel abroad, I always identify myself as a Minnesotan, instead of an American. It’s not that I’m ashamed of being an American, exactly, but I don’t really know what that word means. As an adjective, it lacks clarity. Minnesota’s my home, and every time I hear Atmosphere’s “Shhh” it just crystallizes that sense of place and belonging.

So writers of Minnesota, apply! I know I will.