Sociology for lunch, anyone?

I was standing in line at Jimmy Johns for lunch today when a man tapped me on the shoulder. “I couldn’t believe those kids didn’t hold the door for you,” he said, visibly upset. I had to ask him to repeat it, and even when I heard him correctly the second time I didn’t know . . . 

The Andy Files, Vol.3

There are four big trees on the barracks’ grounds and I noticed that one of them has a tiny tree of a different species growing out of it! I thought this was very exciting and pointed it out to my buddies. One of them said, “Wilfahrt, you are such a dumbass.” Another one laughed when . . . 

The Andy Files, Vol.2

More thoughts that can only be Andy’s: I can’t decide whether I want to hang out, or just chill. I kind of feel like just hanging out. Yet what a great opportunity to just chill a little. You know, just chill or whatever. But maybe I should hang out, I don’t know. It’s such a . . . 

The Andy Files – A New Blog Series

I just got a new phone and am trying to figure out how to transfer service and all my information from the old one. Pretty sure I’m doing it in absolutely the slowest, most idiotic way possible, but that’s not the point of today’s post. The only thing I actually care about on my old . . .