Komodo National Park attack

Racing through the news wires today is the latest attack in Komodo National Park. Yesterday on Rinca Island a dragon came into an office and bit a park ranger in the leg. Another ranger who came to his aid was also bitten and both victims were rushed to a hospital on Bali. There have been . . . 

It only takes one person

Here’s a link for anyone who thinks–as I sometimes do–that no single person can make much difference in the world. This kid is all kinds of awesome, a great example of the next generation of social-environmental entrepreneurs. Do they even have a Twenty under Twenty??

Solving biological mysteries

When Walter Auffenberg studied the Komodo dragon in the 1970s he noticed that males outnumbered females three to one, with no obvious reason why. It was a biological mystery that the characters of The Dragon Keeper spent some time pondering as well. Today, we have one possible explanation: housework. An international research team studied 400 . . . 

Another threat for Komodos

  When I first saw this headline, I was sure it was from The Onion, but “Leather Market Takes a Freaky Turn” comes to us from the Business section of the Bangkok Post. The chairman of a Thai leather manufacturer has expressed an interest in using Komodo dragons for leather, due to a vaguely referenced . . . 

Dragon Rumors

Don’t you just love it when some mysterious animal is inflated to mythic proportions and is credited with terrorizing small villages? Is it human neuroses or just our need to have big bad wolf in the story to make it worth telling? The latest in animal terror comes to us by way of Kashmir, where . . .