Resisting self publishing

You can’t read anything about publishing these days that doesn’t mention the increasingly legitimate route of self-publishing. (Thanks, Amazon.) Yes, self-publishing could be your way to make it big, but I agree with this cautionary article from Forbes. Do you really want to live the rest of your life with Twilight fanfic attached to your . . . 

Talking Volumes

Tickets are on sale to the general public today for the 2012 Talking Volumes author series. I highly recommend checking out the September 18th event with Junot Díaz. A visiting writer to Hamline University several years ago, Díaz was by far the most entertaining writer I’ve ever heard lecture. And I suppose his Pulitzer is nothing to . . . 

Everyone wants to be a librarian

Despite the widely acknowledged e-book takeover of the book business, apparently there is a bibliophile phenomenon sweeping the country: private libraries. It’s the latest trend in housing and, for a mere $3k-100K, you too can show off your own professionally-designed, literary digs. Check out the Wall Street Journal’s report on the home library craze. Now, for . . . 

Literary Boroughs

Congrats, Twin Cities! You’ve just been highlighted as the latest in the Ploughshares series on literary boroughs. The very reason I’m so happy to live here. That and Punch Pizza. And my jogging route along the Mississippi River Boulevard. And Grand Old Day, which reminds me of the Grand Old Creamery, of course. Maybe the . . .