Suggested Retail Price

Two things rocked the publishing world in the last week–the Pulitzer fiction snub and the justice department’s lawsuit against Apple and five major New York houses. I haven’t read any of the finalist novels, so I can’t comment on the Pulitzer board’s decision not to award any of them with the prize, but even though . . . 

Let’s take a field trip to

The front page of the Star Tribune’s business + money section ran a story today about an upswing in the home remodeling market. The article featured a couple who refrained from replacing their Pottery Barn pool cabana that had been damaged in a storm a few years ago, but now–after living cabana-less all these desolate . . . 

The Terry Thompson Tragedy

What can be said about this story that isn’t painfully, heartbreakingly obvious?  The real tragedy wasn’t the needless death of these animals, it was the life they had to endure.  I guess I’m just unable to understand the attraction or the requisite arrogance to own a menagerie.  I can’t even own more than one cat . . .