Happy Halloween!

I love that even some captive Komodos get to enjoy this holiday. Check out the Albuquerque Zoo’s female Komodo digging her jack-o-lantern or the blood-laced pumpkins given to the Komodos at the San Diego zoo. And in the spirit of all things dark and disturbing, I can officially announce the title to my murder mystery. EVERYTHING . . . 

I knew venom was good for me.

The same researcher who discovered Komodo dragons are venomous is now hoping to harness the power of that venom for medicinal purposes. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Dr. Brian Fry has “uncovered anticoagulant properties to Komodo dragon venom which could help stroke patients, as well as properties which drop blood pressure which could be used . . . 

Buffy vs. The Dragon

This is how E! is billing their “news” about Sarah Michelle Gellar’s encounter with a Komodo dragon at a Los Angeles farmer’s market last weekend. Don’t get me wrong. I’m in the running for the biggest Buffyverse nerd on the planet, but is this experience worth our leisure reading time? At least E! refrained from . . . 

Good News for Goats

An article on LiveScience announced yesterday that Komodo population monitoring techniques may be changing. Traditionally dragons are live trapped with goat meat for bait, but a recent study suggested that cameras provide a viable alternative. It sounds like something that should have been implemented years ago, but apparently the relatively cool IR signature of reptiles . . .