Baby Boom in Indonesia

An announcement recently came out of Indonesia that a clutch of artificially incubated Komodo dragons hatched at a zoo, and the story popped up on news sites all over the internet last week. What amazed me, as I read through the articles published worldwide, was the huge disparity of “facts” that each story listed about . . . 

The Year of the Snake

2012 was the Chinese Year of the Dragon, and I was sure that included Komodos, but the species is starting the Year of the Snake with a vengeance, too. Maybe it’s a serpent free-for-all this year. Another ranger was attacked in Komodo National Park today. A Komodo dragon ambushed one of the guides as he led visitors . . . 

Komodo National Park attack

Racing through the news wires today is the latest attack in Komodo National Park. Yesterday on Rinca Island a dragon came into an office and bit a park ranger in the leg. Another ranger who came to his aid was also bitten and both victims were rushed to a hospital on Bali. There have been . . . 

The Smithsonian-Komodo Affair

This week the Smithsonian seems to be developing a crush on Komodo dragons. They’ve put out a feature story and a blog on the top Komodo attacks of the last ten years. Maybe I should be more specific and say they’re crushing on the dragon crush–the Komodos’ bite, venom, diet, and willingness to pick off . . . 

A Komodo in Bloomington

I ran into a old work friend the other day. During our catching up, I mentioned The Dragon Keeper and he smiled and told me there was, in fact, a Komodo dragon in Bloomington. He’d seen one during a hike along Nine Mile Creek, which feeds into the Minnesota River just West of where the . . .