Dragon Boat Festival

Upset that you aren’t in China right now to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival? Me too. Don’t worry: if you’re a Twin Cities resident, our festival is coming around this time next month at Lake Phalen. We’re not so concerned with the lunar calendar here. Check out the races, music and more on July 13th . . . 

Neil Gaiman Book Tour

All Twin Cities Neil Gaiman fans, where are you going to be June 18th? As you know, June 18th is the official release date for Gaiman’s latest adult fiction novel, The Ocean at the End of the Lane, and at 9:00am the Barnes & Noble Galleria will be giving away a limited number of wristbands . . . 

Springtime means babies

We’ve had an extra dinner guest for several nights this week. The Minnesota Bound Bald Eagle Cam has found its way to our dining room table and Logan loves it. I know he’s not supposed to get too much screen time, but I make exceptions for real nature by way of digital magic. He wants . . .