Cracked Walnut Lit-Reading Festival

It’s going on now! My friend and fellow writer Satish Jayaraj has put together a literary extravaganza! The Cracked Walnut Lit-Reading Festival is a month-long ode to the love affair between writers and coffee shops. How we rejoice in the scream of the milk steamer! How we linger over our giant lattes, typing furiously on . . . 

Beware the Ides

As today is the Ides of March, it seems appropriate to talk warnings and cautionary tales. I’ve cracked open two books recently that have completely failed to grab my attention, and both are critically acclaimed bestsellers. The first, Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom, lost me after about twelve pages and has been chucked into my Goodreads “Did-not-finish” . . . 

The Penmen Review

I’m very honored to be the featured spotlight on The Penmen Review this week. Check out my interview with Pamme Boutselis on inspiration, research, and writing The Dragon Keeper, as well as all their other great content. This journal is one to bookmark!

LitBridge Promotes The Dragon Keeper

Okay, The Dragon Keeper was not a February release, but if you look closely at the featured books on LitBridge, none of the February Book Releases were published in February. Given the state of my life lately, it’s my kind of site. The Favorite Books Lists and Books to Read pages are worth checking out, . . . 

Yoga Stretch

I’ve been trying something new this week. It’s become obvious over the last few months that I’m incapable of getting up more than a few times a week to exercise before work. Cold weather and peacefully sleeping babies conspire against me. The winter duvet is too cozy, the pillow too soft. When I do get . . .