5 Things Not to Do When You’re Trying to Sell Your House

We’re listing our house this week. I’ve loved our little home in Mac-Groveland, but our family has simply grown too big and it’s time to move on. Since this was our first house, it’s my first time preparing to sell a property and I’ve learned a few things over the last few months, mostly about . . . 

An Ode to Vinegar

Since going veggie, I’ve discovered joy for a lot of food I’d never bothered noticing and top honors has to go to vinegar. Vinegar! My primary use for vinegar before this year was as a coffee pot cleaner, but I can’t get enough of the stuff now. It’s perfectly designed for finishing any dish. I . . . 

Springtime means babies

We’ve had an extra dinner guest for several nights this week. The Minnesota Bound Bald Eagle Cam has found its way to our dining room table and Logan loves it. I know he’s not supposed to get too much screen time, but I make exceptions for real nature by way of digital magic. He wants . . . 

Veggies Ho!

My big resolution this year, which I’ve kept rather quiet, is turning herbivore. I’ve eaten less and less meat lately and it got to the point that my conscience was ruining even the most expensive, grass-fed, free-range, medium-well steaks. So in 2013 I’m making it official. It’s probably no big deal to most people in . . . 

Happy New Year!

So far, so good in 2013. We made lasagna and French bread, watched Bob the Builder, danced to the radio, and took down the Christmas tree. It sounds like Congress might even pass the Senate bill band-aid to keep some change in our cups. All in all a productive start to the year. I know . . .