There will be no truffles.

I make them every year. You could call them my signature Christmas treat. I’ve done dark chocolate raspberry and milk chocolate Baileys. I’ve made strawberry, mint, hazelnut, and turtle. I think my favorite is Mexican hot chocolate, because it’s got that chili powder kick. But there will be no truffles this year. I ordered my . . . 

Yoga Stretch

I’ve been trying something new this week. It’s become obvious over the last few months that I’m incapable of getting up more than a few times a week to exercise before work. Cold weather and peacefully sleeping babies conspire against me. The winter duvet is too cozy, the pillow too soft. When I do get . . . 

Sociology for lunch, anyone?

I was standing in line at Jimmy Johns for lunch today when a man tapped me on the shoulder. “I couldn’t believe those kids didn’t hold the door for you,” he said, visibly upset. I had to ask him to repeat it, and even when I heard him correctly the second time I didn’t know . . . 

Oh, hello.

So it’s been three weeks or so since my last blog post. It’s not that I stopped blogging as soon as my book came out, like my online journaling days were now part of my nostalgic “struggling artist” past, to be discarded immediately in favor of bigger, brighter prospects. Hardly. The stars just happened to . . . 

Kids Unite

As my maternity leave slips away, I figure it’s time to do some of those things I always think I’ll do with time off, but never seem to accomplish. So earlier this week I packed up the kids for a morning at the Como Zoo. As we negotiated our stroller through the tide of other . . .