With all the Olympic fervor, I was happy to see this commercial from Nike. Never mind that it’s part of their anti-Olympic marketing campaign designed to circumvent London’s strict sponsorship rules while at the same time capitalizing on the Games anyway. Ignore all that. This is what I like to see–an obese kid jogging. It’s like . . . 

The New Pro-Choice Debate

Okay, so it’s not so much a debate as a plea to not be vilified. Here’s another entry, this time from The Atlantic, on why women should not be judged if they feed their baby–gasp–infant formula. I don’t usually post about hot topics in motherhood, but it’s a nice followup to my recent rant on . . . 

Thoughts from Week Seven

Today marks my daughter’s seventh week of life and my first week of living the American double standard: the unsupported super mom. Don’t mistake me; I’m not claiming to be the dark knight of motherhood. Some days I see the bat signal and walk purposefully in the opposite direction. I’m talking about what every working . . . 

Logan Literature

Lately my two-year-old has become fixated on my books instead of his. Yesterday I could not pry The Importance of Being Earnest out of his hands for a diaper change and today it is the 2012 Pushcart Prize. He hasn’t said which is his favorite piece, but I am leaning toward “Nephilim” by L. Annette Binder.