Quinoa Salad

It’s been a little over a year since I started my vegetarian journey and, from what I hear, my path has taken a sadly typical trajectory. I started out completely unaware of what nutrients my body needed and thought by removing meat from my plate I could call it done. Uh, nope. That mistake, coupled . . . 

POV Shifts

One thing I’ve realized since going veggie is how included I’ve been throughout my entire life. With isolated exceptions, I’ve studied, trained, worked, and lived in institutions that have been built for me–or the demographics I exhibit. I’m white and sport an indigenous accent in a predominantly white, native society. I’m middle class in a . . . 

An Ode to Vinegar

Since going veggie, I’ve discovered joy for a lot of food I’d never bothered noticing and top honors has to go to vinegar. Vinegar! My primary use for vinegar before this year was as a coffee pot cleaner, but I can’t get enough of the stuff now. It’s perfectly designed for finishing any dish. I . . . 

You say soybeans, I say edamame

No matter what you call them, they are lovely. And they are now Perk #2 of my veggie endeavors. I know there are tons of great herbivore sources of protein out there–and they’re all on the menu as race season approaches–but edamame tops my list. Steamed and salted in the pod, shelled cold in a . . . 

Veggies Ho!

My big resolution this year, which I’ve kept rather quiet, is turning herbivore. I’ve eaten less and less meat lately and it got to the point that my conscience was ruining even the most expensive, grass-fed, free-range, medium-well steaks. So in 2013 I’m making it official. It’s probably no big deal to most people in . . .