With all the Olympic fervor, I was happy to see this commercial from Nike. Never mind that it’s part of their anti-Olympic marketing campaign designed to circumvent London’s strict sponsorship rules while at the same time capitalizing on the Games anyway. Ignore all that. This is what I like to see–an obese kid jogging. It’s like The Biggest Loser without all the forced narratives and crying. The Olympics are entertaining, sure, but they don’t exactly inspire the average person. At my age, I pretty much only have a shot at training for ping pong. But this kid inspires. If he’s out jogging, why aren’t I?

In that spirit, I ventured out to the YWCA triathlon this morning, cheering on athletes that ranged from 16 to 76 years old and 100 to 300 pounds. These ladies got it done. A big congratulations to Amy Anderson, my friend and second year triathlete. She and everyone else out there this morning are what greatness really is.