Happy New Year!

So far, so good in 2013. We made lasagna and French bread, watched Bob the Builder, danced to the radio, and took down the Christmas tree. It sounds like Congress might even pass the Senate bill band-aid to keep some change in our cups. All in all a productive start to the year.

I know some people aren’t down with the whole new year’s resolution thing, but I’ve always liked them. This year mine are pretty simple. No meat, less sweets, get strong, run long. I don’t have any resolutions in terms of writing; those are included on a much more detailed and nerdier five-year plan. Other Mejias are resolving–whether they know it or not–to become potty trained and learn how to walk and talk.

So with the last of the New Year’s champagne I toast to you, gentle reader, and wish you a year full of resolve and purpose.