Komodo National Park attack

Racing through the news wires today is the latest attack in Komodo National Park. Yesterday on Rinca Island a dragon came into an office and bit a park ranger in the leg. Another ranger who came to his aid was also bitten and both victims were rushed to a hospital on Bali.

There have been several similar reports in recent years, each one raising my interest and wish for more information. There seems to be two issues with attacks like this. First, why are the buildings not properly secured against the dragons? I imagine the climate requires some air flow to keep indoor temperatures manageable, but that could be accomplished with half doors or even windows. Maybe the technology isn’t available, as resources in the park are scarce. That brings me to my second issue. When the Indonesian government began investing in infrastructure to support a tourist explosion¬†in¬†Komodo National Park, there was no mention of a hospital. Increased human traffic will undoubtedly lead to more Komodo attacks and right now every person who suffers an attack also has to endure a treacherous boat ride before receiving medical attention.

These are some of the questions that circle in the back of my mind as I think about a sequel to The Dragon Keeper. That story, when the time comes to write it, will require a trip to Komodo National Park to answer these questions and more.