Komodos hunt? Say it isn’t so.


It’s reminiscent of MST3K in that I don’t even know where to begin. The jerky, “actual panic” of the camera crew? The gratuitous soundtrack to enhance the experience of being “hunted?” The centerpiece of the clip is undoubtedly the presenter’s amazement that a Komodo dragon could act like a predator. I wonder if he would still be as surprised if we switched out the Komodo and substituted another alpha predator, like a lion, for example. Wave a little baggie of Carpaccio under a sleeping lion’s nose, and see whether he decides you look like a more substantial meal, Steve. I have to assume his surprised attitude is a ratings strategy, but let’s hope the fear was genuine. With a job description that includes baiting the world’s deadliest animals, a little fear might help keep him on top of the food chain.