Meg is alive and well

As a novelist, I’m always operating in a partially-veiled fantasy world, sometimes even world hopping as my day progresses.  It’s a nice way to spend the mundane hours.  Every once in a while though, I like to receive  some kind of justification that my fiction has an actual counterpoint in this reality, something that makes it “true.”

I couldn’t have asked for a more vivid confirmation of truth in The Dragon Keeper than the news that a keeper at the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Center was rushed to the hospital after being bitten by a young male Komodo dragon.  The zookeeper was feeding the Komodo when he got a little too excited and took a chunk out of the side of her hand.  The local news channel reported that, “The keeper was alert when she was transported to Sentara Virginia Beach Hospital for treatment and was concerned that the Komodo hadn’t eaten his food.”

Meg Yancy, my tough, cynical, animals-before-humans heroine of The Dragon Keeper, has always been a little foreign to me.  I don’t have that much in common with her and even though I love her dearly, I wasn’t entirely sure if such a passionate, single-minded person could really exist.  This article assured me that she’s out there; there are people who put their animals above everything else, even their own appendages.  Here’s hoping for that zookeeper’s speedy recovery.