The Alternator Adventure

Today Philip and I planned a nice little family outing to Rock the Cradle, thinking a possible snowstorm might be the most adversity in the day. Just as we got into Minneapolis, our car died in the middle of the road. We weren’t on the freeway, but were blocking traffic on a two lane street in a sketchy part of town. He pushed the car into a ‘no parking zone’ while I steered and we both tried to ignore the makings of a street brawl just down the block. Our toddler was the only one unperturbed.

Just as we were trying to figure out what to do, a guy slowed down in the oncoming lane and asked if we needed any help. He swung around the block, helped Philip push the car around the corner to a real parking spot, talked through the problem with us (the culprit? a dead alternator) and insisted on giving us a ride down to the Institute of Arts, where we could meet up with friends and regroup.

Everything ended up working out fine. Philip had a friend drive him home to pick up a spare alternator in our garage and he fixed the car in the street under the supervision of a helpful homeless man. I learned that you can check an entire car seat at the museum coat check. We all made it home and ended the day with cheesy bread and girl scout cookies and laying on our bed kicking our feet in the air to make our son giggle. I have no idea how the day would have unfolded if James hadn’t come along, the amazing stranger who studied photography in Duluth and loved his Subaru Legacy GT wagon. Funny how it only takes one awesome person to restore all your faith in humanity.

Thank you, James. We will be paying it forward for you.