The Andy Files, Vol.2

More thoughts that can only be Andy’s:

I can’t decide whether I want to hang out, or just chill. I kind of feel like just hanging out. Yet what a great opportunity to just chill a little. You know, just chill or whatever. But maybe I should hang out, I don’t know. It’s such a confusing situation, whether to hang out or to totally just chill.

It’s Kristin’s birthday, but don’t let that stop you from giving presents to me.

Have you read Frazz, the comic by Jeff Mallett? It’s a total rip-off of Calvin and Hobbes. Unbelievable. Some say it’s merely a coincidence but I don’t buy it. The similarity exceeds any reasonable level of crossover for comics. Perhaps if it was equally good, it might be pardonable, but it simply does not compare. Long live Calvin and Hobbes!