The Lost Komodo Kings

As I was trolling the web tonight, I found this story.  This is one of those fabulous articles that I wish I’d written, think maybe I have written somewhere in a forgotten notebook, then try to find out everything I can about the author because I obviously have a deep, personal connection with them.

Brian Switek’s perspective on Komodos and the history of the Komodo-human relationship touches on many of the same themes as The Dragon Keeper.  He doesn’t seem too enchanted with the whole idea of zoos, either.  Oddly that’s one subject I didn’t dwell on too much in my novel.  Even though 95% of The Dragon Keeper takes place at a zoo and Meg Yancy, my zookeeper heroine, has some decided opinions about her company, I never felt like I was talking about zoos in reality.  I’ve never worked at a zoo.  I have scant knowledge of the powers that make zoos run.  My work life has been spent almost entirely in corporate America and that’s the employer that showed up in my novel, except instead of selling widgets or stock derivatives, they’re selling animal encounters.  I’ve heard other fiction writers talk about doing the same thing.  They set out to write about one thing, then find an entirely different animal under the skin.  You can’t always control these things.  Fortunately there are other writers out there like Brian Switek, science writers, who can tackle a clear and present subject, analyze it, discover its history and make you really think about whether or not it has the hope of a future.