There will be no truffles.

I make them every year. You could call them my signature Christmas treat. I’ve done dark chocolate raspberry and milk chocolate Baileys. I’ve made strawberry, mint, hazelnut, and turtle. I think my favorite is Mexican hot chocolate, because it’s got that chili powder kick. But there will be no truffles this year.

I ordered my chocolate on Black Friday and didn’t think much more about it until this week, when it seemed kind of strange that it hadn’t arrived. After tracking and re-tracking and searching the bushes in front of the house, it became clear that someone else decided they needed my chocolate more than I did. The courier dropped it off on my front step after I got home from work, and it wasn’t there when I left for work the next morning. After the usual outrage and hurt feelings (“Where’s the decency, can’t trust our neighbors, blah, blah, blah”) I have to admit I’m a little relieved. Truffles are a lot of work. They take a few days to make and they multiply over every surface of my kitchen and dining room like tribbles, except with more calories. And I don’t have a lot of spare time these days. Now, instead of making chocolates to give out to friends and family, maybe I can spend that time catching up with those friends and family, or work on the new book, or even (gasp) blog once in a while. There’s the other thing, too. The thing how sometimes I look around at my life, I see my beautiful kids and husband and my awesome friends and healthy parents and I think to myself that I probably have too much. I’ve been too fortunate. So if this is the world balancing the scales a little bit, I say, Go ahead, world. Get down with your bad chocolate self and Merry Christmas to you.