Veggies Ho!

My big resolution this year, which I’ve kept rather quiet, is turning herbivore. I’ve eaten less and less meat lately and it got to the point that my conscience was ruining even the most expensive, grass-fed, free-range, medium-well steaks. So in 2013 I’m making it official. It’s probably no big deal to most people in the world, but Minnesota is some serious carnivore country. My grandfather turned his nose up at anything that didn’t clearly resemble meat and potatoes. To him, pasta was a strange ethnic food not meant for a Midwest farmer’s consumption. One of my friends formed the “Grill Scouts,” a group devoted to the barbecue of all land-roving animals. (Although I do think it’s funny that his girlfriend now is a vegetarian.) Another friend, upon hearing my resolution, told me I was turning into a crackpot. Well, this crackpot is pretty happy so far. So happy, in fact, that I’ve decided to post up the perks I find along the way.

Perk #1 – Fewer choices on the restaurant menu. This may be a downside to most of you veggie friends out there, but for me it’s awesome. I always vacillate between six choices on the menu and end up ordering something I wasn’t even considering, almost desperately, as if the waitress is some impenetrable secret-keeper of the kitchen’s best offerings. For me, less choice is less pressure. Now I can save all my waffling for the wine list.