Yoga Stretch

I’ve been trying something new this week. It’s become obvious over the last few months that I’m incapable of getting up more than a few times a week to exercise before work. Cold weather and peacefully sleeping babies conspire against me. The winter duvet is too cozy, the pillow too soft. When I do get up, I always jump on the treadmill for the maximum calorie punch and haven’t bothered with strength training or yoga. But it’s time. Oh yes, muscles and tendons, you are next on the list.

I’ve decided if I can’t find time without the kids, the kids will just have to come along for the ride. So several nights this week Logan and I have started playing “yoga stretch” before his bedtime. I’m leading him through sun salutes while Rory swings and watches us like a bemused anthropologist. Logan’s poses are hit or miss so far. His warrior looks a lot like the Hulk. His tree pose is enthusiastic, if a bit interpretive, but his downward facing dog is surprisingly good. Cobra pose, however, seems to mean that it’s time to ride on momma’s back. And the strength training really kicks in when cobra turns to plank with a thirty-three pound toddler on top of you. All in all, I’m calling “yoga stretch” a successful new bedtime ritual.