You say soybeans, I say edamame

No matter what you call them, they are lovely. And they are now Perk #2 of my veggie endeavors. I know there are tons of great herbivore sources of protein out there–and they’re all on the menu as race season approaches–but edamame tops my list. Steamed and salted in the pod, shelled cold in a green salad, tossed into fried rice, blended into milky perfection–you name the dish and I like it. Sometimes I’ll just hit a bowl of chilled edamame with some oil and balsamic and call it lunch.

I just found this Roasted Edamame Salad from Alton Brown last month and it’s already a new favorite at the house. Logan loves to help make it, although he won’t eat it if you call them soybeans or edamame–you have to call them pea pods. The boy has a prejudice.