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Everything You Want Me To Be

A small town community is torn apart by the brutal murder of a talented teenage actress.

Leave No Trace

Ten years ago a father and son trekked into the wilderness and never returned. Until now.

The Dragon Keeper

A zookeeper fights to save the animal she loves, even as her own life crumbles around her.

Critically Acclaimed Thriller Writer

Mindy Mejia

Mindy received a BA from the University of Minnesota and an MFA from Hamline University.
Apart from brief stops in Iowa City and Galway, she’s lived in the Twin Cities her entire
life and held a succession of jobs from an apple orchard laborer to a global credit manager.

Mindy is available for readings, workshops, and book group discussions.

Upcoming Events

Sisters in Crime “Death & Taxes” | January 7, 2020 

Osseo Book Club | February 11, 2020 

Dayton’s Bluff Book Club| March 4, 2020

Once Upon A Crime| April 7, 2020




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You know the framework for deductible expenses (Ordinary! Necessary! Reasonable in amount!) and you've got a handle on what to track for your writing business. Now we dive into the details: what exactly needs to be recorded and how.What to DocumentAll deductible...

#TaxAdviceforWriters – Expenses and Deductions, Part II

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#TaxAdviceforWriters – Expenses and Deductions, Part I

So, you’re receiving payments and you’ve chosen your business’s tax structure. Now it’s time to start tracking and recording your expenses. The most basic accounting formula is:Revenue – Expenses = Net Income.The government taxes you on your net income, which means as...

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A future star in crime writing.

– Daily Mail


Ms. Mejia displays the enviable ability and assurance of such contemporaries as Megan Abbott and Laura Lippman.

– Wall Street journal


Mindy Mejia is simply a beautiful writer.

– Twin Cities Pioneer Press

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