Writing a book and shepherding it into the world is a lot like raising a child, and it’s just as thrilling to see that book take on its own identity, remove itself from your watchful (helicopterish?) gaze, and even reinvent itself into something you never imagined during those exhausting days of its first draft infancy.

Original cover art

Fantastic new cover art!

So on this Mothers Day I’m especially excited to unveil the new cover for my ‘firstborn’ novel, THE DRAGON KEEPER. While I loved the exotic drama of the original cover, all that burning orange as the globe spun us from a Minnesota zoo into the heart of Indonesia, I’m even more enthralled with this new and vibrant design.

For any readers that prefer the original cover, I still have a few vintage collector editions left in my personal inventory. Feel free to message me before they’re gone! Otherwise head on over to your favorite online retailer to order this lovely new edition. To be honest, the new version has been available for a few months and, like most mothers, I’m behind on my Spread Exciting News to-do list.

Happy Mothers Day to all my fellow moms out there, whether your children are sci-fi fantasies, arthritic retrievers, or squealing little humans.