Group Book Questions

  • How does the Zoo of America compare to your local zoo? What place do you think zoos should have in society?

  • How do you feel about microchipping pets or animals in general? Do you think a SAM-like technology is the next logical step? Do you side with Meg or Antonio on this issue?

  • Was the zoo right in their decision about Jata? Why or why not? Do you think Meg saw the issue clearly?

  • Meg repeatedly broke rules and ignored important safety procedures when dealing with her animals. Was she a good zookeeper, or had she become too emotionally involved in her job?

  • What do you think our role should be in helping endangered species like Komodo dragons? Do we have the right to step in and create breeding programs? If we have the capability to preserve fragile species, is it our responsibility to do so?

  • With so many endangered or threatened species, conservation-oriented zoos today are forced to choose which species to save and which to abandon. How would you approach this kind of a choice?

  • Has this book changed your perception of Komodo dragons? How do you think you would feel about them if they roamed free in your neighborhood?